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We produce media that adds meaning and value to the world by compelling audiences to pay attention and act. Everyone has a story worth telling, and we're the creative agency to tell it.

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The Team

Ashley Gutierrez

Her films have been viewed by millions, received national awards, and aided in passing legislation. From documentaries to commercials to music videos, Ashley has dabbled in it all. The commonality? Her belief that a well-told story can connect and ignite us all to serve as a catalyst for social impact and - ultimately - change.

Meet the Team

Jacob Watson

Jacob is a creative know-it-all and not the annoying kind— we promise. He is an expert at listening and learning. He synthesizes complicated details and stats into powerful stories, and turns exhaustive to-do lists and tasks into “got shit done.”

Meet the Team

Arley Cornell

He’s earned his chops on a multitude of blocks. He’s worked with international non-profits, the U.S. government, a selection of ad agencies, and even Mars 1. His work spans from special video effects to pure motion graphics. He loves growing in his craft and creates one new animation a day, just for fun.

Meet the Team

Daniel Jones

This guy is a true jack of all trades. He storyboards, schemes, scores, and even creates virtual reality experiences. Dan studied animation, character design, and story development in Northern California under Pixar supervising artists. And if you give him a pencil or a piano, he’ll be entertained for (lots of) hours.

Meet the Team

Cliff Gutierrez

At 14 years young, our frolicking muse is the start and end of many of our brainstorming sessions. Cliff’s adorable cleft-palate pushes each of us to focus on the idiosyncrasies of every story we tell. And he’s the best napper in the world. No one can contend, we are confident.

Meet the Team

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